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12/13/2018Beginning at: 7:30amToot N Totum 122 1421 North Western AvenueLiberal
12/13/2018Beginning at: 9:00amDillons 85225 East CloudAndover
12/13/2018Beginning at: 10:00amPrice Chopper 4015970 South Mur LenOlathe
12/13/2018Beginning at: 10:30amCasey's 34542036 North Andover RoadAndover
12/13/2018Beginning at: 11:00amSuper Store13815 Polfer RoadKansas City
12/13/2018Beginning at: 11:00amAlta Convenience 6214104 East Highway 36Smith Center
12/13/201811am-2pmRAFFLE ROADTRIP STOP - Main Street Express 251 South Main StreetHoisington
12/13/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmHutch's C-Store 1111580 North Kansas AvenueLiberal
12/13/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmJump Start Independence401 West MainIndependence
12/14/2018Beginning at: 9:00amDillons 181510 Ohio StreetAugusta
12/14/2018Beginning at: 10:00amOttawa Amoco2305 South Cedar StreetOttawa
12/14/2018Beginning at: 10:00amCasey's 15351411 North Ohio StreetAugusta
12/14/2018Beginning at: 11:00amCameron's Corner405 West Main StreetHill City
12/14/2018Beginning at: 11:30amCasey's 33123540 South MeridanWichita
12/14/201811am-1pmRAFFLE ROADTRIP STOP - Kwik Shop & KXKU1330 East 30th AvenueHutchinson
12/14/201811am-1pmCasey's & KFDI1411 North Ohio Augusta
12/14/2018Beginning at: 11:30amOttawa Mini Mart2120 South Princeton StreetOttawa
12/14/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmPrice Chopper 202107 South 4th StreetLeavenworth
12/14/2018Beginning at: 2:00pmCasey's 12612004 Spruce StreetLeavenworth
12/14/2018Beginning at: 3:00pmRod's Phillips 66 6 220 East Magnolia RoadSalina
12/14/2018Beginning at: 3:00pmKwik Shop 754 4811 South Seneca StreetWichita
12/14/20186pm-8pmThe Landing Bar & Grill & KDVV2920 Southeast CrocoTopeka
12/17/2018Beginning at: 11:00amKwik Shop 7722750 South Oliver StreetWichita
12/18/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmCasey's 29501311 West 11th StreetCoffeyville
12/19/2018Beginning at: 10:00amDillons 29700 North Main StreetEl Dorado
12/19/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmCasey's 28932912 North BroadwayPittsburg
12/19/2018Beginning at: 3:00pmLakeview Amoco3000 SouthEast Croco RoadTopeka
12/20/2018Beginning at: 10:00amHy-Vee 15327620 State Line RoadPrairie Village
12/20/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmHen House 224050 West 83rd StreetPrairie Village
12/20/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmShort Stop 268207 South Port DriveManhattan
12/20/2018Beginning at: 2:00pmDillons 15130 Sarber LaneManhattan
12/20/2018Beginning at: 3:30pmDillons 941101 Westloop PlaceManhattan
12/21/2018Beginning at: 11:00amUSA Express17 South Fossil StreetRussell
12/21/2018Beginning at: 11:30amHy-Vee 15098900 West 135th StreetOverland Park
12/21/2018Beginning at: 12:00pmShort Stop 189 East MainCouncil Grove
12/21/2018Beginning at: 1:00pmPrice Chopper 60011700 West 135th StreetOverland Park
12/21/2018Beginning at: 5:00pmSanta Fe Liquor400 East MainCouncil Grove

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