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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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Karie Lowe
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Hays Woman has Lucky Lunch Break - Wins $25,000 Top Prize

Kelli Harris of Hays had a lucky start to her week.  On Monday, the 49-year-old stopped at a local Kwik Shop on her lunch break to grab an iced tea and to redeem $15 worth of Kansas Lottery instant scratch tickets she had stashed in her purse.  Instead of taking the cash, Harris purchased three different $5 instant tickets.  That decision led her to winning a $25,000 top prize! 

"I had no rhyme or reason for why I bought the tickets I did except for when I saw the $5 Lucky Dog ticket," said Harris.  "Our dog Duke has been sick and had to have surgery last week.  When I saw that game I thought to myself, 'If I win maybe that will be a sign Duke will be okay,' so I bought one ticket in addition to two other $5 tickets." 

As she began scratching her tickets, Harris couldn't believe her incredible luck. 

"On the first ticket I scratched, I won $10," explained Harris.  "I also won $10 on the second ticket I scratched.  When I got to the third ticket, which was Lucky Dog, I figured my luck had probably run out.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I scratched off $25,000 on the third ticket. I was so excited, I didn't know what to do." 

Having never won more than $50 before, Harris returned to the Kwik Shop to have her winning ticket checked. 

"When the clerk verified I had won $25,000, she was so excited for me," said Harris.  "Luckily the store was empty because we both started jumping up and down.  It was a very good day!" 

The lucky winner said she wasn't sure how she would spend her winnings, but thought a family trip may be in her future.  "We'll definitely do something fun with the money," said Harris.  "My husband and two kids already have ideas on what we should do.  This experience has been very cool!" 

The winning tickets were purchased at Kwik Shop 759, located at 1301 Vine St., in Hays.  There is one $25,000 top prize remaining in the Lucky Dog game as well as thousands of other cash prizes.

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