Earn Triple Points In September!

Earn 3X points in PlayOn when you submit Holiday Millionaire Raffle and X Multiplier Bonus tickets.

For the month of September, receive TRIPLE points for Holiday Millionaire Raffle and X Multiplier Bonus instant tickets submitted into PlayOn.  Eligible X Multiplier Bonus tickets include: #360 10X#361 20X, #362 30X, #363 50X, #364 100X, #365 200X, and #225 300X.  Points earned can be used to enter drawings for cash and other prizes, like a chance to win one of four $2,500 cash prizes in our Quarterly cash drawings.  Visit the promotions page for a full list of PlayOn promotions.

Don't forget to submit your non-winning X Multiplier Bonus tickets into PlayOn for a chance to win a cash prize up to $15,000 in a second chance drawing.  Entry deadline is September 25, 2022.  Visit the promotion page for details.

Did you know that Holiday Millionaire Raffle gives you the best odds to win $1 million?  Visit the Holiday Millionaire Raffle game page for details.

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