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Lottery Players Win Cash at the Kansas State Fair!

After a week of funnel cake and carnival games at the Kansas State Fair, five Kansas Lottery players now have more money in their pockets.

The lucky players each won $500 in cash through a special Lottery drawing! During the fair, players who purchased $20 in Lottery products received an entry form into the drawing. There were approximately 11,715 entries in the drawing.

The lucky winners are listed below:

  1. Shanna Stevenson of Junction City
  2. Mary Smith of Ellsworth
  3. Michelle Davies of Hutchinson
  4. Brett Herrman of Colwich
  5. Beck Knackstead of Inman

The Kansas Lottery sold $279,561 worth of lottery tickets during the 10-day fair and gave $15,322 in retailer commission to the Kansas State Fair. The Kansas Lottery thanks all of the Lottery players who stopped by the Lottery building to play!