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    *May take up to a minute before a new live steam is available.
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Watch Previous Drawings For Today

(click on range to view)
12AM to 1:59AM
- Keno Draws 2934214 thru 2934236
- Racetrax® Draws 202568 thru 202585
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4AM to 5:59AM
- Keno Draws 2933915 thru 2933943
- Racetrax® Draws 202329 thru 202351
6AM to 7:59AM
- Keno Draws 2933944 thru 2933973
- Racetrax® Draws 202352 thru 202375
8AM to 9:59AM
- Keno Draws 2933974 thru 2934003
- Racetrax® Draws 202376 thru 202399
10AM to 11:59AM
- Keno Draws 2934004 thru 2934033
- Racetrax® Draws 202400 thru 202423
12PM to 1:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934034 thru 2934063
- Racetrax® Draws 202424 thru 202447
2PM to 3:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934064 thru 2934093
- Racetrax® Draws 202448 thru 202471
4PM to 5:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934094 thru 2934123
- Racetrax® Draws 202472 thru 202495
6PM to 7:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934124 thru 2934153
- Racetrax® Draws 202496 thru 202519
8PM to 9:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934154 thru 2934183
- Racetrax® Draws 202520 thru 202543
10PM to 11:59PM
- Keno Draws 2934184 thru 2934213
- Racetrax® Draws 202544 thru 202567

Note: Start and ending draw ranges are approximate.  You may need to select previous or following videos for drawings on the edge of the ranges posted above.

Click here for earlier Keno drawing results.
Click here for earlier Racetrax® drawing results.
*Disclaimer: The Kansas Lottery DOES NOT guarantee that all drawings will be wholly viewable using this service. Short gaps in and between presentations can be expected. No draws are conducted 3AM-4AM -no live stream available during this period.