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Kansas Lottery Announces Deadline to Claim Certain Expired Tickets

This news release was updated Aug. 19, 2020

The Kansas Lottery has announced that winning tickets that expired from March 23 to May 31, 2020, must be claimed through the Lottery Headquarters by August 28, 2020. Winning tickets that expired during this time period are the only tickets that will be honored.

Expiration dates for certain tickets vary. Instant tickets have 180 days after the Lottery Director announces the game has ended. Expired instant games and their date of expiration can be viewed here. Draw tickets expire one year from the draw date.

The expired winning tickets must be claimed through Lottery Headquarters. To claim an expired winning ticket that has won $49 or less, please email lottery.info@kslottery.net with your name, phone number, address, and photos or scans of the front and back of your ticket. The back of the ticket must be completely filled out.

To claim an expired winning ticket that has won $50 or more, players must completely fill out and sign the back of the ticket and completely fill out a printed claim form, and mail both to the Lottery Headquarters. Players can print a claim form from the Lottery’s website here or a retailer can print one off from a Kansas Lottery terminal. Mailed-in claims must be postmarked by August 28, 2020, to qualify.

The Kansas Lottery recommends players take a photo or make a scanned copy of the front and the back of the ticket for their records before mailing. Tickets are accepted via standard mail, but the Lottery recommends sending claimed tickets by certified mail, registered mail, or some other service that allows players to track a package or letter’s progress. Please address to: Kansas Lottery Claims, 128 N. Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66603.