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Greensburg Woman Wins $25,000 with Valentine’s Day Gift!

Photo of Allison Hosheit

A last minute Valentine’s Day gift for Allison Hosheit of Greensburg from her boyfriend ended up being the best gift of all, as it included a $25,000 top prize winning $5 Lucky Lines Doubler instant ticket! 

“It doesn’t matter how much creativity and thought he puts into next year’s gift,” said Hosheit. “there’s no way he’ll be able to top this!” 

Hosheit was at home when her boyfriend showed up with her Valentine gift after work. “He definitely dropped the ball and forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so he had to get creative. He bought some Kansas Lottery tickets and a bottle of soda and created a ticket wreath bouquet instead of just getting me flowers. It was sweet!” 

“I loved it, so we were sitting next to each other and I was playing the games and he was scanning them into PlayOn, when one ticket said something weird,” Hosheit said with a laugh. “We just kind of missed that the ticket was a big winner at first!” 

After checking and then double-checking the ticket multiple times, it finally sunk in what they had won. “I wanted to leave for Topeka right then, find a hotel room, and be there right when they opened,” she said. “Ultimately, we decided to just wait and leave in the morning. Patience is hard sometimes!” 

The couple says they will use the winnings to pay down some debt, but they are definitely going to try to have a little fun as well. 

“It’s our two-year anniversary in March, so I am thinking we may take a trip this year given the circumstances,” Hosheit said.  “Not sure where yet, but I’m already excited!” 

The winning ticket was sold at the Quick Pick 4 at 406 West Kansas Avenue in Greensburg. There are still three top prizes remaining in the $5 Lucky Lines Doubler instant game, as well as thousands in other cash prizes. 

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