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Anthony Resident Wins $25,000 “Living Lucky with Luke Combs” Top Prize!

Photo of Clay and Reagan Shelton

Clay Shelton and his wife, Reagan, were already big fans of country music star Luke Combs. However, after winning a $25,000 top prize on the $5 Living Lucky with Luke Combs instant ticket, it’s safe to say they are superfans now! 

“We play scratch tickets every now and then, and we had some winners stored up that we decided to cash in,” Shelton said. “We had about $39 in winners overall, so we started trying to figure out which games to play.” 

After picking a selection of $1 and $2 games, Shelton was looking for a $5 ticket to round out the cost, when the clerk offered some helpful advice. 

“The clerk is who pointed out the Luke Combs ticket, and I immediately went for it because I am a big fan,” Shelton added. The couple then took their tickets home to play and relax. However, it wasn’t long until they had to go back to the store to confirm that they had won big! 

Once the retailer confirmed that their prize was too big to claim at the store, Shelton was able to get the next day off work to make the trip to Topeka. While it has certainly been a whirlwind for the couple, they already know what they plan to do with some of their winnings. 

“We are going to purchase some Luke Combs concert tickets for his show in Kansas City for sure,” Shelton said. “And we’re going to give a nice tip to the clerk who recommended the winning ticket!” 

The winning ticket was sold at Shepard’s Food Mart, 824 West Main, in Anthony. There are still four top prizes, as well as thousands of other prizes, left in the $5 Living Lucky with Luke Combs instant ticket. Additionally, players can enter their non-winning Luke Combs instant tickets in a special second-chance drawing to win either concert tickets or a VIP trip to Nashville. Click here to learn more! 

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