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Council Grove Player “Strikes It Rich” with $10,000 Win!

Photo of Genessa Edwards

Genessa Edwards of Council Grove plays the Kansas Lottery almost every day, especially instant tickets. Her consistency in playing has paid off with a $10,000 win on the $20 Strike It Rich instant ticket! 

“I get some heat sometimes from my husband for playing the Lottery too often,” Edwards said. “I just tell him that the Lottery is just like fishing; You just have to be at the right place at the right time!” 

This wasn’t the first time that Edwards had won playing the Strike It Rich game. She had won $50 here or there on the game consistently. With the game being one of the newer ticket offerings, she decided to stick with the game as it was still full of big prizes. 

“It was Saturday night, and I had stopped at the store and decided to just get one ticket that time,” Edwards added. “I took the ticket home and scratched it there, and that ticket was the big winner!” 

Edwards said she decided to wake her husband up to have him look at the ticket as well. “He said ‘well, I do believe you are a winner’ when he looked at the ticket. I had to correct him and say ‘No, WE are winners!” She then put the ticket away in a safe place until she could claim the prize. 

Edwards says that they will put the winnings into savings for now and try to decide what to do with their prize this summer. “We are considering some fun family activities for this summer. And I am definitely planning on getting out on the water and going fishing soon!” 

The winning ticket was sold at Short Stop 18 at 9 East Main in Council Grove. There are still three $100,000 top prizes, ten $10,000 prizes, and thousands of dollars in other winnings remaining in the $20 Strike It Rich instant ticket game

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