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Sedgwick County Resident Wins $250,000!

Sedgwick County Resident Wins $250,000!

A Sedgwick County resident made the trip bright and early on Tuesday to claim an instant ticket worth $250,000! The player, who wished to remain anonymous, won the prize on the Kansas Lottery’s $30 $250,000 Jackpot game.

The winner said they had won $500 several times on the same ticket three to four months ago, but had decided to take a break to enjoy the winnings. On a recent coffee run, though, they decided to use a winning ticket they had tucked away to purchase one more $250,000 Jackpot ticket.

“I took the ticket home and scratched it off, and there it was showing me $250,000!” they shared. “I had to look at it twice so I didn’t get all wound up. Then I just calmly went into the QuikTrip and stuck it in the machine to check it. When it said ‘congratulations,’ I knew it was for real!”

The Sedgwick County resident kept the winning ticket safe until they were able to make the trip to Kansas Lottery Headquarters in Topeka after the long holiday weekend.

While the winner says they’ll stick most of the money in savings, they also plan to buy a new set of tires for their truck as well as eventually buy a boat. “I want to be smart about my money, but also want to have a little fun. I’m ready to relax a bit because I’m always so busy!”

The winning ticket was sold at QuikTrip 329R at 1620 Oliver in Wichita. There are two top prizes of $250,000 remaining in the $30 $250,000 Jackpot instant game, plus thousands in other prizes!

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